This section will be updated with frequently asked questions by our Owners. Our goal is to maintain transparent communications with every resident. Please also consult the Association's rules with any questions or concerns. If you do not see a question you have here, please reach out to the Board. 


Q: Why did I receive a letter about a fine being charged to my account?

A: The community voted on a zero-tolerance approach towards maintaining our community as a great place to call home. As such, the Association, through its Board of Directors, will do its best to ensure that each resident is acting in compliance with the community's rules and regulations. Information about violations and fines will usually come from other responsible owners. Owner reports of violations remain completely anonymous. The Board will not send out a violation letter unless it has confirmed that a violation has indeed occurred. For more information about the Association's rights to fine residents for noncompliance with the rules, please consult your copy of the bylaws.

Q: I received a fine letter. Can I appeal the fine?

A: Absolutely! The Board wants to make sure that each owner is following the Association's rules and regulations equally and that fines are fairly assessed. If you feel that the violation was assessed to you in error, please request an appeal hearing with the Board. Please make sure that you request an appeal within the dates on the letter you received. At your appeal hearing, you will be able to explain your reasoning and/or supply any additional information about the fined behavior. The Board will revisit the fine and vote to keep, adjust, or remove the fine after the hearing.

Q: How does the Board determine who to fine?

A: The Board does not pick and choose which owners to fine; rather, the Board will assess a fine against a unit if the Board finds that a violation has occurred and that a particular unit is responsible for the violation. Each fine is assessed equally. If you feel that you received a fine in error, please appeal your fine and let us know.

Q: What are some common violations I should be on the lookout for?

A: Throwing trash anywhere other than inside of the compactor (with a plastic bag) is a fineable offense. Throwing construction materials, whole boxes, or furniture in the compactor or in the common areas is prohibited. Similarly, keeping items, trash, or other unsightly items on your deck such as old equipment, broken glass or metal objects may warrant a warning and eventual fine. Keeping trash or other items in common areas (i.e. hallways and front porches) is prohibited. Window A/C units are not allowed. Lastly, all pets within the community must comply with the community rules (i.e. size and breed restrictions and walking rules) (for more information, see the Pets section below). The Board recommends consulting the Association's rules if you would like to know what is or is not allowed.

Q: How much can I expect to pay for a violation?

A: Fine amounts are determined at the Board's discretion; however, the following will include a list of common infractions and the fines associated with these violations. Please keep in mind that an actual fine amount is subject to change as a result of other external factors, including but not limited to repeated violative behavior (i.e. repeat offenders of the same violation) and additional costs incurred by the Association for the clean-up or control of a specific violation that are passed on to residents.


This fine schedule may be adjusted by the Board.  Any changes will be communicated to the members of the association.


Q: Do I need a permit to park in the community? Do my visitors need a permit? 

A: Every resident car must have a valid parking decal. Each resident must register his or her vehicle in order to receive a decal. You do not need to register every visitor for a visitor decal; however, if you have a visitor that comes often, we recommend that you register them as a visitor. If you have not registered your vehicle yet, or if you wish to register a visitor, please do by clicking the proper registration button here

Q: Can I get a parking sticker if my account with the Association is not current? 

A: No, only residents that are current with their Association accounts can get parking sticker. This is outlined clearly in the Association's rules. Please note that this also applies to residents with parking stickers that may later become delinquent: delinquency in your Association account will invalidate your parking sticker and your vehicle may be towed for noncompliance. The best way to ensure parking validity is to always pay your dues on time. 

Q: I have a parking sticker/permit. Can I still be towed?

A: Yes if your account becomes delinquent or you are violating some other parking rule.

Q: I received a ticket for "no permit" but I have a permit. 

A: Please make sure your permit is visible from the outside of your vehicle. Placing your permit behind window tint or anywhere other than the front Windshield is inadvisable.

Q: I lost my decal/sticker. Can I get another one?

A: Yes, but please be aware that all decals are numbered and linked to a particular vehicle. If the board finds the wrong decal on a vehicle or if a decal is copied or altered in any way, it will be declared invalid and your vehicles may be towed.

Q: When will the Association tow my car? 

A: The Association will tow cars in compliance with the reasoning outlined in the bylaws. Some common reasons include failing to register for a parking sticker, having an invalid parking sticker because of delinquent dues, or parking commercial vehicles overnight (see parking page for updated rules regarding commercial parking program). Other reasons include if a car is double parked, blocking the trash compactor, or is otherwise in violation with the law or our bylaws. Note that the Association will not tow your car unless you have received a 24 hour notice warning you of the violation first! However, the Association need not warn prior to towing cars that are blocking fire hydrant access, blocking the compactor, or otherwise illegally parked. 

Q: My car was towed. What can I do? 

A: Make arrangements with HiTech (their information is posted throughout the community). However, your vehicle may not be parked within the community until whatever caused you to be towed is rectified.

Q: May I sell cars from CS or place a for sale sign on my vehicle? 

A: No. No signage allowed and no keeping cars onsite for the purpose of sales. They will all be considered commercial vehicles and towed. [Update: Please check your Sept 2018 newsletter or look on the parking page for information about the limited commercial parking program!]

Q: My vehicle was ticketed months ago but I got towed recently. Why?

A: According to the bylaws, the board need only warn a vehicle once in a 6 month period for a particular violation. If the same violation is encountered during that time, the Board may remove your vehicle with no further notice.

Q: What if I want to report a parking issue inside CS property?

A: Please email the board directly with vehicle description, tag as well as the time and we will investigate it. All reports remain confidential.

Q: What about the parking spaces along Kingsport Drive? I see commercial vehicles parked there. 

A: Those spaces belong to the City of Sandy Springs. If you have a problem using those spaces or with a vehicle there, you can call the city. 

Q: What should I do if I have a visitor?

A: Please complete the online visitor's vehicle form on this page.  Excessive visitors requests for the same vehicle and unusually long visits will not be allowed, they should get a regular permit

Q: I received a ticket for blocking the sidewalk. Can I be towed for this? 

A: Yes if your vehicle continues to block the sidewalks or presents a nuisance for other residents, (parking in 2 spaces, parking on top of the curbs, parking on any grassy area, blocking sidewalks and building entrances as well as parking in a no parking zone are all towing offenses)

Q: May I park my trailer on the property if it isn't used for commercial purposes?

A: Trailers of any type are not allowed. 

Q: What are the rules for commercial vehicles?

A: Commercial vehicles are NEVER allowed on the property unless they are actively servicing a unit AND only between hours og 7am to 7pm. [Update: Please check your Sept 2018 newsletter or look on the parking page for information about the limited commercial parking program!]

Q: How do I know if my car is commercial? 

A: The board will consider your vehicle "commercial" if (1) Any sort of writing or signage on the vehicle, (2) The vehicle's primary purpose is for commercial purposes, (3) Mini Vans without back seats and/or rear side-windows, (4) Tools and commercial materials are showing (like carpeting, ladders, landscaping equipment, etc). 


Q: Can I rent my unit?

A: Owners are permitted to rent out their units so long as the rental quota is not yet met. For more information about renting and registering a unit as a rental unit, please visit this page. Please remember that each unit requires written permission from the Board prior to renting out the unit! Please also note that, in order to rent your unit, you must submit a copy of the lease, provide information about the renters on the rental request form, and proof of insurance. 

Q: If I rent out my unit, will I be responsible for my renter's actions? 

A: Absolutely. In fact, you as the Owner must make sure that your renter fully understands and complies with the community's bylaws as if they were an owner. Each renter must receive a copy of the bylaws and agree to follow them before renting. Any violations committed by a renter will be assessed to the Unit owner's account. Similarly, a renter's parking decals will be negated if an owner is behind on his or her dues. 

Q:  I am a renter. Can I still contact the Board of Directors? 

A: Of course! The Board is happy to speak with residents within the community about community-related issues. Please feel free to reach out to the Board if you have any concerns related to common areas or the community as a whole. Please reach out to the unit's owner for any interior maintenance issues, parking enforcement, fines, or issues pertaining to the unit. Please remember that the Association is first and foremost a Homeowner's Association and thus it will not be involved in landlord-tenant related matters. 

Q: I am a renter. How do I obtain my permit? 

A: The only way a renter can obtain a permit is through your owner or landlord. If they will not provide you with a permit you should speak to your attorney. 


Q: Where do I pay my monthly dues?

A: You can pay your monthly dues, fines, and assessment payments on Condominium Concept's payment portal. For further information, visit this page. You can also send in checks via mail or set up direct deposit on the website. 

Q: What do my dues pay for? 

A: Your dues cover your water, trash service, community-wide and individualized unit pest control, community maintenance and improvement projects, landscaping, community-wide repairs, and sewage.

Q: Why do I have to pay a special assessment? 

A: Special assessments may occur one time a year to pay for a special Association project. This year, the Association is allocating the funds towards two major projects. The first project involves removing sickly and dangerous trees from the property and replacing them with healthier trees. The Board has plans to plant new trees in the Fall. The second project involves some major plumbing inspections and repairs. The Association will be taking action to reduce the Association's monthly water bills by attending to small leaks, repairing old pipes, and fixing other community-related plumbing issues. Additionally, the Board is in talks about potentially creating a grilling and outdoor area for residents. 

Q: I have a question about my account balance. Who should I contact?

A: Please contact Kim at Condominium Concepts with any questions related to your account balance. You can email her directly here


Q: I would like to report a maintenance issue. How can I do that? 

A: You can send the Board an email with a description of the maintenance issue. Visit the maintenance information page for more information or visit the maintenance request page  to submit a request. If the maintenance issue is an emergency or requires immediate attention, please call the maintenance line here

Q: Does the Association fix maintenance issues within my unit? 

A: The short answer is that the community is responsible for exterior and common area maintenance and that owners are responsible for the interiors of their units. However, for a more comprehensive understanding of what responsibility belongs to the Association or to a resident, please consult the bylaws. Please note, however, that maintenance issues or damage to the common areas arising from a resident's actions is not the Association's responsibility. 

Q: I want to get my unit inspected and treated for pests. How do I do this? 

A: Some pest treatments within your unit are covered under the community agreement with TeamPest. These services are free of charge to the owners. For more information about how to schedule your treatment with Team Pest, please email the Board. Please note that these services are not considered preventative maintenance and may not eliminate all issues you may have in your unit. Additional services may be needed and those costs will be the responsibility of the owner.

Q: My unit is vacant. Do I need to notify the Board? 

A: You should absolutely notify the Board if your unit is currently vacant. You should provide a key to the Board in the event your unit is vacant. The Board will, free of cost, check on your unit periodically. Note, however, that you are still liable for your unit and that it is your responsibility to maintain insurance and ensure that your unit is properly heated in the winter. 


Q: Are there any pet restrictions at Charleston Square? 

A: Yes. Pit bull dogs and dogs or other animals exceeding 30 pounds are not allowed as pets. In addition, residents may not breed animals for commercial purposes on the property. No wild animals are permitted on the property as pets. For more information about pet restrictions, please consult your copy of the bylaws. 

Q: Are there any rules about walking dogs? 

A: The Community has a designated dog walk area in the back of the community, complete with trees and grassy areas. The Board recommends that Owners take their dogs to the dog walk when walking their dogs. However, if you wish to walk your dog throughout the property, please make sure that you have a bag for your pet's waste at all times and that your pet is always on a leash. 

Q: Are there any other rules about dogs in the common areas? 

A: Dogs cannot be left unattended for any reason at any time. Similarly, dogs cannot be left out on patio decks unsupervised. If you see an animal left unattended within the community, either roaming freely or on a porch, please contact the Board immediately. 


Q: What if I see someone breaking CS rules?

A: First, please try and get photos or video of the infraction, and write down all pertinent details. Do not attempt to approach the offender or confront them, just record as much as you can then email it to us here. If the proof is sufficient, the board will levy fines.

Q: I am not receiving communications from Condominium Concepts or the Board. How do I make sure my email is on the contact list? 

A: You can email the Board or its management company if you believe you are not receiving communications. If you are a renter, please make sure that the unit owner is forwarding you important emails. If you are a renter and your unit owner is not notifying you, please notify the Board and we will do our best to keep you informed. 

Q: Does the Association, through its Board, have the authority to enter my unit? 

A: Yes, however, the Association can only enter your unit in case of maintenance, repair, emergency, or for any of the reasons outlined in the community bylaws. Please note that the Board will provide adequate prior notice before entering a unit for any reason and will work with the Unit owner to find a mutually agreeable time to enter. However, the Board can enter a unit at any time for an emergency. For more information, please consult the community bylaws.  

Q:  Do I need to keep individual insurance if the Association has insurance? 

A: Yes. Every unit must have valid insurance. The Association's insurance does not cover individual units. Failure to carry insurance may result in a fine or the Association may, at its discretion, purchase insurance for the unit and assess the cost of insurance to the unit owner. 

Q: May I install AC Window Units? 

A: No. This is strictly forbidden as it detracts from the overall property values. Each unit is allowed one Central AC unit with the compressor on the ground.